Care Homes in Arizona: A Lucrative Business Opportunity For Filipinos

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by: Maria Hass –
Filipinos are known to be inherently caring and helpful people. Our culture has taught us to care for our parents until they pass away. It’s no wonder many Filipinos are finding care home businesses to be a perfect fit for their lifestyle.
It is not only rewarding to care for and help old people, but the salaries available for these services are typically generous. In Arizona, the care home industry is participated in heavily by Filipinos and many are making a good living from it. Filipino-owned care homes is growing as many people choose to retire in Arizona. The weather in Arizona is warm and Arizona is hurricane, earthquake and typhoon free making it a safe place to be.
Having been a Realtor for eight years, I constantly encounter clients looking for care homes to rent, buy or sell. My list of care home connections has increased dramatically over time.
5 Bed care homes in Arizona are preferred by many families than large care home facilities because of its intimate and personalized service. Finding care homes in Arizona to start a business is not difficult with an experienced and a well connected agent. Filipino owned care homes are typically managed by Filipinos who were former nurses, care givers, hospice counselors or had experience in medical care.
To start a care home business in Arizona from the ground up, you will need the following;
1. Find a home to own or rent — If you are renting a care home, the rental is typically about $1,000 more on top of the current real estate rental.
2. Get zoning, licensing and inspection approval — this usually takes one to four months.
3. Hire a manager and caregiver(s) — Caregiver certificates take about two weeks to obtain and manager certification takes about three months.
Business cost for a four-bedroom care home with five resident patients:
1. Monthly rental — Depending on location, age and size of home and number of residents allowed, anywhere from $2,000 to $4,000
2. Utilities — Can vary by season — electric, gas, water, sewer, garbage, telephone, internet, TV — between $800 to $1,500 per month
3. Food — $500 to $800 per month
4. Registration Fees — $680 per year
5. City Tax (example: Chandler) — $60 per month
6. Manager — Up to $500 per month
7. Care Giver Salary — $1,500/month
Care Home owner Edna De La Cruz said  “families of care home patients pay anywhere from $1.500 to $4,500 per month, per patient. In the City of Chandler, patients typically pay between $2,000 to $3,000 per month, depending on the type of care, location and home care services. The maximum number of residents allowed range from five to 10 patients. These businesses produce positive returns with the second or third patient.” Finding a good care giver is key to keeping the care home patients and their family happy. Filipino care givers are in high demand due to their level of customer care.
For more information about the care home business, go to the Arizona Department of Health website.
Contact Maria Hass at 480-650-0075 for more information about buying, selling or renting a care home.

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