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Why Buy Real Estate in the Philippines NOW?

Avida is the brand name for affordable living communities by Ayala Land Corporation

Avida is the brand name for affordable living communities by Ayala Land Corporation

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?????????????????????????????????????????????????????by: Maria Hass
I had the opportunity to listen to a recent Scottsdale presentation by an Ayala Corporation Representative Bong Gutierrez explaining “Why buy real estate in the Philippines now?”

At the end of the presentation, I didn’t just get answers to this question, but more compelling reasons to invest in real estate in The Philippines. I am not the type of person who is easily impressed, but the economic signals presented and my last visit to the Philippines strongly indicate that The Philippines is poised for greater heights.

What are these indicators?

1. Language – The Philippines is an English-speaking nation. This means English-speaking foreigners can easily adapt to the country. It is a huge attraction for businesses, business people, their families and friends to relocate and make The Philippines their home.

2. Vibrant and Young Generation – The median age of people living in the Philippines is in their 20’s-30’s. This category of people are on the go, tech savy, explorative, can adapt to changes and best of all has a long life ahead of them. Businesses are always looking for long time and loyal customers and whose referrals can extend to several generations in the family tree and a strong and talented work force to develop the business.

3. Consumer Spending – Filipinos are fun-loving, friendly social people who like to eat, shop and hang out with friends. No wonder the largest malls in the world can be found in The Philippines, including SM Mall of Asia, SM City North EDSA and SM Mega Mall. Filipinos love hanging out at these huge malls. Consumer spending is strong and is fueling the growth of the economy.

4. Population – According to the Philippine Commission on Women,the Philippines is among the most populous countries in the world, ranking 12th globally, 7th in Asia, and 2nd in the Southeast Asia. Its population continues to increase with an annual growth rate of 1.90 percent. Businesses need people to consume their goods or services.

5. Real Estate Value – The price of homes in the Philippines is fairly affordable compared to United States, Europe and neighboring countries like Singapore.
You can buy a property in Cavite for $10,000. A three-bedroom house in Nuvali starts at $98,000.

6. Cheap Labor – Retirees benefit from hiring a private nurse, cook, nanny for a very low price. Medical enhancements such as face lifts are offered at rock-bottom prices. Any form of service is relatively inexpensive compared to other parts of the world.

Economic reports validate these observations. Bloomberg and Forbes Magazine describe The Philippines as a dynamic, robust, young and booming nation.

Finally, CNN Business News reports, “By 2050, The Philippines will leapfrog 27 places to become the world’s 16th largest economy.” This is the biggest jump any country is projected to make by 2050. For a full story of this article go to The potential for growth is enormous and opportunity to invest is huge.

A leading company that develop commercial and affordable residential developments in the Philippines is Ayala Land, Inc. It is the largest property developer in the Philippines with offices recently opened in California and Arizona. It is owned by the Ayala group of companies.
Avida Land Corp, the name representing multiple condominium and single family detached home projects all over the country won 2 distinguished international awards in 2013. Judge by a panel of international experts, Avida Land received The Asia-Pacific Property Awards for the Highly Commended Mixed-use Development for Avida Towers Riala and Highly Commended Residential High-rise Development for Avida Towers Centera.

Avida condominiums and “house and lot” is projected to appreciated at 7 percent to 11 percent annually compared to United States average annual real estate appreciation of 3 percent to 5 percent. The terms are easier and rental value exceeds your mortgage payment which provides for positive cash flow. As a real estate consultant in Arizona for eight years, having easy terms, steady value appreciation, positive cash flow, booming and vibrant economy, low interest rates are great reasons to buy real estate in the Philippines.

So, if you’re searching for a place to invest some of your hard-earned money, you may want to look into real estate in The Philippines now, before home values become unaffordable.

Contact (480) 650-0075 if you have any questions about this blog or investing in the Philippines.

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by: Maria Hass –

Realtors are Sales people. This job description didn’t come to mind when I first applied to become one. It is not what I thought it would be. I am passionate about helping people sell or buy their home but not sell them anything. I soon realized that selling “yourself” comes with the business. In order to help people, you have first to sell yourself.

I’m not a sales person by history. Selling myself is harder than selling my services. I am great at what I do yet some people are not sure. At times, you only have one shot to present who you are at a listing presentation and then you either get the job or you don’t.

Successful Realtors know what it takes to convince a homeowner or buyer that you are “The Guy” for the job. Although, many times after seeing their work, I can confidently say that I can do a better job.
The smooth talker, the discount broker, the well dressed, well groomed agent driving a fancy car or the agent who pays to appear on TV or radio is not always the best person who will serve your interest.

When thinking about who will buy or sell your next home, find out who among the prospective agents/brokers will have your best interest first, who will have the time for you, who will communicate with you the best. At the end of the day, it boils down to which agent share core values you uphold such as integrity, honesty, trust, hard work, strong work ethics, knowledge and expertise to give you the results you need.

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Top New York Real Estate Broker Fredrick Eklund’s Meets Arizona Realtors

I recently had the opportunity to attend something called The Million Dollar Luxury Real Estate Event featuring top New York broker, millionnaire and real estate BRAVO reality TV star Fredrick Eklund. The event sponsored by the Scottsdale Women’s Council of Realtors was held at The Montelucia Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

It was quite a social mixer of Realtors dressed in business suits and fashionable clothes. Appetizers were served and a cash bar was available. Many of these Realtors work in the North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area, where real estate is highly valued.

Eklund’s comment that “there are many beautiful faces in Arizona” led me to assume that New York is short of young female Realtors.

There seems to be a distinction in Arizona between Realtors who work the high-end market and the lower end market when it comes to age and appearance. In New York City however, almost ANY piece of Real Estate is high-end. Therefore, Realtors don’t necessarily have to recreate themselves to work a certain market.

I heard a panel of seasoned Realtors give tips on what they do to become successful, and it was refreshing and encouraging. After an exchange of practice exercises and tips, the panelists sat down to hear Eklund talk about how he became a millionaire in real estate.

was born in Sweden and moved to New York, where he started his real estate empire. He began with his first client just like everyone else, but what separated him from his colleagues is his focus on realizing his dream to be No. 1.

With fire in his eyes and relentless passion for his goal, Eklund soon started building apartments that he sold even before they were completed. After his success in New York as the No. 1 broker, he returned to his homeland in Sweden using the same framework as his New York developments. His real estate empire in Sweden soon grew and became successful as well.

Unlike many, he is not driven by money but is passionate about maintaining his status as the “top” broker. You may call that “ego,” in his words.

When asked what his goal is, he came to a pause and uttered among other things, “I guess, sleep.”

Mr. Eklund is a young and successful real estate broker. His success in life reminds us that anyone can be successful if they focus on their dream.

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