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Gilbert and Chandler Among the Leaders in Real Estate Sales

by: Maria Hass –

The City of Gilbert, voted as top 33 city in the nation to live in by Money Magazine is is among the leaders of real estate sales in Metro Phoenix. Alongside with the City of Chandler, voted as an “All American City” in 2010 and recognized as top 49 city in the nation by Money Magazine.The two cities are attracting local residents and out of state visitors due to its strong community service, schools, recreation, diversity and commercial and residential planning. The home values in both cities have gone up by as much as 40% from last year due to increase demand and significantly low inventory. Buyers have less choice. Listings in February dipped by 10.7% from the prior month and inventory continues to decline since January of this year.

The East Valley market in general has seen price/Sq. ft. jump from $114 to $122 in the last six months and multiple offers are occurring on prices ranging from $250,000 – $750,000. This trend is expected to continue.

Luxury homes are coming back and fairly priced homes are selling within 3-4 months. New home builders are sprawling as a result of very low inventory of resale homes. Homes that show well and priced fairly are getting offers at 0 day on the market.

Home values will continue to rise at a modest rate resulting from low inventory and high demand.

Two Concerns Facing the Market:

1. Low Appraisal – Appraisers are basing their comparables on historical data of homes that sold for less. Buyers are willing to pay more for the house specially in multiple bid situations. This is keeping transactions harder to close and keeping home appreciation at modest rise.

2. Strong Buyers Prevail – Only buyers who show a strong financial profile qualify. People with questionable credit, not enough reserves or not enough income and a steady job are pushed out of the market. This is what it should have been before and is a practice now.

Arizona real estate remains strong. We are moving towards the right direction. People’s perception of the market and optimism is high. So long as the jobs are there and no major economic disaster happens, Metro-Phoenix is projected to be a sound real estate investment that offers an attractive lifestyle at great value.

Information taken from SanTan Sun News, April 6, 2013 edition

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Gilbert and Chandler Named Among 2012’s Top 100 Best Places to Live

Money Magazine recently reported the “2012 Top 100 Best Places to Live”. It comes with great pride to know that two cities in the Southeast Valley of the Phoenix metro area made it to the top half of the list. Gilbert, AZ, was ranked No. 33 and Chandler, AZ, took the 50th spot. Gilbert, with a population of 216,400 and Chandler, with a 247,100 residents, continue to grow and provide a great quality of life for their residents.
According to Money Magazine, “These terrific small cities offer what American families care about most — strong job opportunities, great schools, low crime, quality health care, and plenty to do. And they’re true communities too.” For a full list of the Top 100 Best Cities to Live, go to:

In other local headlines, Chandler newspaper the San Tan Sun News reported Chandler’s unemployment rate is 5.9 percent as of May, compared to 7.5 percent for Metro Phoenix overall and 8.2 percent for Arizona (8.25 percent nationwide). Chandler’s office vacancy rate is only 5 percent compared to a metro Phoenix rate of 28 percent. For the full article, go to:

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By: Maria Hass reported on July 31, 2010 that rental vacancies have gone down in South East Valley. This is not surprising as more homeowners who leave their homes due to short sales and foreclosures turn to renting apartments or single family homes. As the surge of distressed homeowners continue, demand for rental living spaces will increase and rental values may improve. In four to five years, more renters than homeowners will emerge. Many of whom will not be able to buy a home due to a foreclosure or short sales. Others prefer to rent while watching the market hit bottom. What this means for displaced homeowners is, to plan ahead on arranging their future home to be certain that you have a place to stay at values you can afford prior to being forced out of their homes.

April-June Vacancy Rates in 2010 Compared to the same Period in 2009

Ahwatukee Foothills 6.2% from 9 %
North Tempe – 10% from 13.1%
South Tempe – 7.1% from 9.2%
North Mesa – 13.4% from 13.5%
South Mesa -11.3% from 14.3%
East Mesa/Apache Junction 5.9% from 10.1%
Gilbert/Supersiton Springs 7.1% from 7.2%
South Gilbert/Queen Creek 7.2% from 11.1%
Chandler 8.7% from 10.6%

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Chandler Plans Long-Term Growth

As we all know, times are tough today — but the City of Chandler is looking to gain momentum, rather than lose steam.

Highlights of the economic plan for Chandler include the following:

1. Chandler Airpark Development – The city is anticipating adding new tenants in the buildings of the master-planned business center surrounding the airpark by this June.

2. Intel continues the expansion of the $3 Billion Mega-Fab project along Price Rd.

3. The new Orbital Science expansion replacing the old Motorola building at Queen Creek and Price Rd. is up and running and will be home to 8,000 – 12,000 employees at build-out in 10 to 15 years.

4. Gangplank, a group of technology-based companies, will assist in promoting the city and conduct educational technology-based classes for youths.

5. The Chandler Regional Medical Center will be expanded to add more beds, more operating rooms, expand the cath lab and improve the cardiology program. As many as 200 high-salaried jobs and around 2,000 construction jobs will be created as a result.

6. The completion of the Boys and Girls Club facility at Foley Park.

7. The newly-built Care Center at Galveston Elementary School.

We look forward to these developments to help our City become poised for a better future.

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The Chandler School District is hiring new teachers for the 2009-2010 school year. This welcome news is in contrast with many other school districts. Scottsdale, Kyrene, Mesa, Higley & Gilbert school districts will be trimming down their work force due to the economic crunch. Chandler was spared from the budget cut owing to increased enrollment this school year.

Many people find Chandler School district as a great choice for educating their kids. The district has over 20 schools that are ranked as excelling or highly performing schools. The homes in Chandler are still affordable compared to neighboring cities like Tempe and Scottsdale. It provides a great option for buyers seeking a quality life at an affordable price. One more reason why Chandler is a great place to live.

Click below for the complete AZ Republic story.

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Did We Hit Bottom Yet?

Here’s an interesting and comprehensive article about the current Real Estate Market in Arizona. Click here for the complete story.

People have varying opinions about the article. All I can say is, we are making tremendous improvements in our local real estate market that every homeowner should be happy about.

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Light Rail Musings

I am proud to be a part of history today. I rode on the Phoenix area’s first ever light rail line from Mesa to Phoenix. Dec. 31, 2009, was the last of five days to ride for FREE on what’s been dubbed “Metro.”

I wanted to experience the benefits resulting from our tax money and also explore real estate opportunities along the light rail transit route. I saw many apartments along the line in the town of Tempe and new condominiums just finished in Phoenix. While aboard the shiny new train, I told myself it would be a good decision to invest in a property in the Tempe/Phoenix area close to the light rail line.

The prices are very low and the interest rates are historically low as well. You can buy a lot of house for very little money. Rental demand in this area is high, as it is close to downtown Phoenix, Sky Harbor Airport, Arizona State University and several freeways, to name a few.

My family and I boarded at the Apache Blvd. and 101 Freeway stop. It was the third stop going west to Phoenix, and the train was already packed with passengers. There were no empty chairs to sit on and you had to grab a post before someone else did to keep your balance. The train ride was smooth.

The line runs from Main Street and Sycamore in Mesa to Montebello and 19th Avenue in northwest Phoenix. I certainly hope, based on our initial experience, that the Metro will expand someday soon to include routes that will connect Chandler and Queen Creek in the East Valley to the Glendale area in the West Valley. The Metro is a benefit to Metro Phoenix residents, businesses, tourism, real estate and a great way to use taxpayers’ money. (For a brief video I shot at the Mesa station where we boarded, click here — several other area residents have also documented their light rail experiences on YouTube, as well.)

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