What’s Driving Arizona’s Population Growth?

April 5, 2021 at 3:51 pm Leave a comment

BLOG – April 5, 2021

As families begin taking road trips again as more people get vaccinated and normalcy slowly returns,
Arizona serves as an excellent state in which to play the license plate game (if the kids ever stop playing
with their iPhones or Nintendo Switch).
Even a short drive anywhere around Metro Phoenix – to get groceries or takeout, say – will usually offer
glimpses of cars with license plates from several other states: Minnesota, Nebraska, Michigan, of course –
but also Oregon, Washington, and of course, California.
A quick look at the drivers behind the wheel in these cars pretty convincingly proves these visitors are not
within the typical “snowbird” demographic of people we’re used seeing here temporarily at this time of
the year.

No, these folks are here because they’ve just moved to Arizona full-time – or are still looking for a home.
An outcome of the pandemic has been more acceptance and flexibility for working from home – so
Californians and others are free to uproot themselves from states with a higher cost of living to Arizona’s
healthy economy boasting thousands of new jobs in case the old job isn’t staying with work from home
positions forever.

Regarding that booming economy, local real estate analyst and economist Elliot D. Pollack noted in his
April 5th blog that the non-profit Milken Institute has ranked Metro Phoenix as the seventh-best in the
country for jobs, wages and high-tech growth. Pollack said the rankings also take housing affordability
and broadband access into account.

“Among the ranking of large metro areas, Greater Phoenix came in seventh behind communities such as
Provo-Orem, Utah (ranked first), Austin (third), and Raleigh (fifth). Nashville was ranked just behind
Greater Phoenix,” Pollack wrote.

“Phoenix’s ranking is certainly an indicator of a strong, surging economy, one that is built on a diversified
employment base rather than just population growth (which we are a leader in as well),” Pollack
continued. “But the amazing thing is that Phoenix can attain this ranking given its size. Phoenix is by far
the largest metro area on the list of top ten communities and some cities are so small they don’t even
belong on the same list.
“For Phoenix to even be on the list is testament to the efforts of our economic development organizations,
the universities, and the businesses that now are making their way here from high tax states,” Pollack
All of these indicators bode well for Metro Phoenix’s continued climb

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