Thinking of Becoming a Realtor? Find Out the Real Deal From an Expert

January 27, 2015 at 2:35 pm Leave a comment

by: Maria Hass-

I met a nice lady the other day who told me she is taking classes to become a Realtor. Her mom has a realty business.

She asked me how I liked being a Realtor and how difficult the business is. I told her I love being a Realtor and that I’m actually thinking of hiring an assistant to increase my production.

However, there are facts unknown to many new Realtors that are worth knowing now, rather than later. These facts may save you money and time in classes, training, membership fees, exams and more because they will help you know now whether this profession is right for you.

  1. Realtors are salespeople. It says this on your license. Unless you are a broker, your license begins with an SA – meaning Sales Agent. If you don’t like to sell, this is NOT the job for you. Many successful Realtors are not necessarily the most knowledgeable and experienced Realtors but are “great” at marketing themselves.
  2. It isn’t enough to like houses. Houses are just a part of the job hunting process. What is even more important is liking “people” no matter how they look and behave. You have to convince people to trust you and like you back for them to give you the business. Some Realtors are naturally good at this while introverted people need to work on it.
  3. This business is highly competitive. I was knocking on doors the other day and found out four Realtors lived on one street of that neighborhood. Let’s face it: Realtors are everywhere and the sad part is, the public thinks we are in the same class as car sales people. Of course, I beg to disagree.
    To be successful, you have to stand out in this highly-competitive industry and beware that unfortunately, there are other Realtors that will cut underneath you with unorthodox, sometimes unethical tactics to get a sale. In the same vein, beware of clients or prospects who only care about themselves. They are likely to dump you at their convenience after you have worked many hours to find them a house. It hurts, but you have to try hard to pick up and move on. Not all buyers are a pain, there are still many who value loyalty and service if you treat them well.
  4. This business is costly. Set aside a budget for marketing (mailings, printing, postage, flyers, advertising, networking and more), membership fees, classes, lock box fees, gifts, entertainment, office supplies and up to 40 percent or more in taxes. After all these are tallied, the real estate business may not be as lucrative as you initially thought.

If you’re thinking of becoming a Realtor, it helps to know if you have the personality, aggressiveness, patience and perseverance to compete in a highly-demanding industry. Take inventory of your abilities and traits before making a decision to move ahead – and if you go for it, best of luck!

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