Top New York Real Estate Broker Fredrick Eklund’s Meets Arizona Realtors

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I recently had the opportunity to attend something called The Million Dollar Luxury Real Estate Event featuring top New York broker, millionnaire and real estate BRAVO reality TV star Fredrick Eklund. The event sponsored by the Scottsdale Women’s Council of Realtors was held at The Montelucia Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, AZ.

It was quite a social mixer of Realtors dressed in business suits and fashionable clothes. Appetizers were served and a cash bar was available. Many of these Realtors work in the North Scottsdale and Paradise Valley area, where real estate is highly valued.

Eklund’s comment that “there are many beautiful faces in Arizona” led me to assume that New York is short of young female Realtors.

There seems to be a distinction in Arizona between Realtors who work the high-end market and the lower end market when it comes to age and appearance. In New York City however, almost ANY piece of Real Estate is high-end. Therefore, Realtors don’t necessarily have to recreate themselves to work a certain market.

I heard a panel of seasoned Realtors give tips on what they do to become successful, and it was refreshing and encouraging. After an exchange of practice exercises and tips, the panelists sat down to hear Eklund talk about how he became a millionaire in real estate.

was born in Sweden and moved to New York, where he started his real estate empire. He began with his first client just like everyone else, but what separated him from his colleagues is his focus on realizing his dream to be No. 1.

With fire in his eyes and relentless passion for his goal, Eklund soon started building apartments that he sold even before they were completed. After his success in New York as the No. 1 broker, he returned to his homeland in Sweden using the same framework as his New York developments. His real estate empire in Sweden soon grew and became successful as well.

Unlike many, he is not driven by money but is passionate about maintaining his status as the “top” broker. You may call that “ego,” in his words.

When asked what his goal is, he came to a pause and uttered among other things, “I guess, sleep.”

Mr. Eklund is a young and successful real estate broker. His success in life reminds us that anyone can be successful if they focus on their dream.

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