Research before choosing a Realtor – or a lawyer

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Roby: Maria Hass -I recently came across an Oct. 11, 2012, blog post about Realtors by Robert Nagle of the Nagle Law Group in Phoenix. The blog started with a play on this summer’s unavoidable hit song by Carly Rae Jepsen:
“Hey, I just met you – and this is crazy – but here’s my house – Sell it, Maybe?”
I appreciate Mr. Nagle’s efforts to educate consumers by providing links to find out information about a particular Realtor. I agree with most of what he advised.
The exception would be a statement in his blog that reads: “The reality is many real estate agents discourage attorney involvement because their top priority is making commission on your transaction; an attorney’s top priority is protecting you and your family’s best interests.”
I know many Realtors who encourage their clients to speak with an attorney before taking a listing, especially in matters related to short sales, foreclosures, bankruptcy and other alternatives to foreclosure. Real Estate brokers constantly remind their agents to refer clients to an attorney prior to listing a home as a short sale in order to avoid any liability issues.
Of course Realtors want to earn commission and make a living – so do lawyers, plumbers and financial advisers. All work in customer service fields and deserve fair payment for their expertise and service.
However, making money is NOT the only thing. What good is money if you lose your license?
There are many Realtors including myself who place their clients’ interests and rights first, over their own interests. I provide my clients all the pros and cons before making a decision and give them as many options to select from as I can. In many cases, my clients don’t have the funds to pay an attorney.
In any professional field, including the legal profession, there are professionals who conduct their business with integrity and respect – and there are those who don’t . Every Realtor is different. Finding the person who will take care of your interests over their own is the main task to ponder when making a choice on who will represent and assist you.

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