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By Maria Hass

The Chandler Unified School District received an A grade overall based on the Arizona’s new grading system. This grading system relied significantly on Reading and Math scores taken during the statewide AIMS exam. Each school is given a label grade and a letter grade. The label grades are: excelling, highly performing, performing-plus, performing, underperforming or failing. The letter grades consist of A, B, C, D or F.

The Kyrene School District, known for its educational excellence for many years, missed the A grade by a point and landed a B grade this year. The Chandler Unified School District came out on top and continues to provide strong educational standards for families in the East Valley. Many Chandler residents support education. School initiatives passed easily through a Yes vote from residents.

The Chandler Schools’ performance is as follows:

Jacobson Elementary: A, Excelling
Ryan Elementary: A, Excelling
Basha Elementary: A, Excelling
Bahsa High: A, Excelling
Bogle Jr. High: B, Excelling
Chandler High: A, Excelling
CTA Goodman: A, Excelling
CTA Independence: A, Excelling
CTA Liberty: A, Excelling
CTA Freedom: A, Excelling
Chandler Traditional Jr. High: B, Excelling
Patterson Elementary: A, Excelling
Conley Elementary: B, Highly performing
Erie Elementary: C, Performing Plus
Frye Elementary: C, Performing
Galveston Elementary: C, Performing Plus
Haley Elementary: B, Highly Performing
Hamilton High: A, Excelling
Hartford Elementary: D, Performing
Fulton Elementary: A, Excelling
Hull Elementary: B, Excelling
Andersen Elementary: C, Highly Performing
Andersen Junior High: B, Performing plus
Know Elementary: C, Performing plus
Humphrey Elementary: C, Performing
Navarrete Elementary: B, Highly performing
Perry High: A, Excelling
Riggs Elementary: A, Excelling
Tarwater Elementary: B, Excelling
Bologna Elementary: C, Performing
San Marcos Elementary: C, Performing
Sanborn Elementary: C, Highly performing
Santan Elementary: A, Excelling
Santan Jr. High: B, Highly Performing
Shumway Elementary: C, Performing plus
Hancock: A, Excelling
Weinberg Elementary: B, Highly Performing
Payne Jr. High: A, Excelling
Willis Jr. High: C, Performing plus

* Schools with a majority of families in higher income levels mostly performed at A, Excelling, while schools with a majority of families in the low income level performed fairly. When looking for a place to live or a home to invest, the school system is a key factor that home buyers look for in choosing a home. Aside from location, lifestyle and community services, surrounding schools somehow determine the length of time a family stays in their home. For the Arizona Republic’s complete article on the school grades, go to

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