Lessons Learned by a Realtor “Realtor Beware”

September 19, 2011 at 5:34 pm Leave a comment

I recently had a buyer who I took out multiple times to find a home for. My understanding was she needed to vacate her current home as soon as possible due to a relationship gone sour and had to find a home quickly. I showed her close to 30 homes and made three offers. None of the offers were accepted by the seller because each time, she low-balled her offer by as much as 40%.
After many hours spent driving her around, preparing, submitting and monitoring the offers, she decided that she did not need to move-in to a home quickly. Unless she buys a home for a smoking deal, she could stay at her sister’s house who by the way, is selling her house by herself without a Realtor’s help. The best scenario is, have her sister sell her house to her at a smoking deal. Afterall, it is in a perfect location she wanted and family members go a long way to help each other.
Despite all the hours put in, I never got a thank you or I’m sorry to put you into too much work.
There are lessons learned in this experience. 1. Understand that it is a seller’s market at $200,000 and below. You will end up with nothing if you keep low balling. 2. If you want a chance at a smoking deal, pay cash. 3. Do NOT base your decision to buy a home on PRICE alone. What good is a house that is priced ridiculously low because of significant cracks if you cannot sell it later on. 4. Work smarter, not harder. Work with clients who know what they want and appreciate the work that you do. I come across people who care only about themselves and will drain you up but for the most part, I have been lucky dealing with people who are respectful of my time and service. It is not easy to be a Realtor. But, if you select the people you like to work with, it could help you last longer in the business.

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