Short Sale Etiquette

June 14, 2010 at 10:24 pm Leave a comment

By: Maria Hass

What? Whoever thought there was any?
One could almost tell an abandoned home just by looking at the curb appeal – because there is none. Home owners of vacant short sale homes either don’t have the money to maintain the property or just plain don’t care — the latter being more common. So, the weeds grow, the bushes crawl every direction, the pool turns black, and who knows what other secrets lurk inside. Most of the time, people who leave their homes don’t care what happens to the house and the HOA and the neighbors are left to clean up after them.
Unless penalties are imposed by law to summon these homeowners to court or pay the fine, common courtesy alone will not turn these practices around. There are a few good people still around, but for the most part our society has evolved into a culture of “I don’t care.”
As a Realtor with great experience in short sales, I advise my clients to get the home looking nice and clean in order to facilitate a good offer fairly quickly. This strategy to show the home only when it is ready has paid off and saved my clients time and money. If for some reason the client does not care about how the home looks, it’s frankly better for me to drop the listing. If the seller does not care about his or her home, why should I?
Short sale etiquette means common courtesy and respect for others. It means cleaning up your front yard, house and pool and not stripping the house of its original accessories. After all, In a short sale, the home owner still owns the home and is responsible for the condition of the home.

This short sale etiquette may not exist in homeowners who made bad decisions during the real estate boom or primary residents victimized by greed, but it does exist in those whose core values of doing what is right reign supreme.

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