Breaking News – Home Buyer Tax Credit Extended and Expanded

October 28, 2009 at 7:28 pm Leave a comment

The U.S. Senate has agreed to extend and expand the home buyer tax credit. Do you think this is a good move?

I don’t know where our government is getting all this money to hand out to home buyers. It seems to me our lawmakers work without any budget and that they think money falls from the sky. Our country has trillions in debt and is giving away more money, obviously spending way more than its means.

Home prices are historically low, interest rates are extremely low and equity is instant. These alone are enough reasons to buy a home NOW. I think our government should stop spoiling home buyers and let them realize the built-in benefits of buying a home NOW. Let potential buyers know that buying a home in today’s market is good for them and stop bribing them unnecessarily. It’s like giving a child candy for being good. The child should realize that behaving well is good for him or her and for his/her future.

Lawmakers — if you decide to extend the home buyer tax credit, be discreet enough not to increase our taxes.

For a full story on this news, click here.

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What will it take for Metro-Phoenix’s Home Values to Rise Faster? What Does the First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension Mean to our Economy and our Future?

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